IEM Oakland 2017 PUBG Invitational Qualifiers

On November 18-19 in the Oracle Arena the world will witness 20 teams, 80 players, one battle for $200,000 at the IEM Oakland 2017 PUBG Invitational!

12 teams will be invited, 8 teams will have to battle their way through qualifiers

4 teams from Europe & 4 teams from North America will each battle their way through gruelling 320 team qualifiers held October 28-29 here on the IEM Oakland 2017 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Qualifier site

Each qualifier will feature:

  • 320 teams through open sign ups
    • Top 160 sign ups by MMR
    • Remaining 160 first-come-first-serve
  • Three rounds:
    1. Round 1. 320 teams, 16 groups, three matches, top 5 of each group go through to Round 2
    2. Round 2. 80 teams, 4 groups, three matches, top 5 of each group go through to Round 2
    3. Round 3. 20 teams, 1 groups, five matches, the top 4 teams qualify for IEM Oakland 2017

Please read the important travel information below before scrolling down to go to the Europe & North America qualifiers.

IMPORTANT! Travel requirements

Please do not sign up to the tournament unless you are certain you will be able to attend the main event!

The IEM Oakland 2017 PUBG Invitational takes place in the United States from November 18-19. To attend the main event you must be able to travel to and stay in the United States for at least November 16-20.

For most players residing outside of the United States this will mean having at least an up to date passport with at least 6 months validity from November 20 and having some kind of visa or visa waiver for the United States and any countries you may need to travel via to reach the United States. If in doubt please check VisaHQ and with your local government.